You Need To Get That Google Star Rating Up!

Getting noticed online is very important but becoming tough, with everyone buying Instagram followers, Facebook ads, and individuals putting out blogs and vlogs daily, it’s a grind to compete with others. However, if you’re a business, the main way to get noticed online is via your Google star ranking, which is free and fast to accumulate, you just need a system in which customers continuously submit their reviews, hopefully, 5-stars. Along with the star rating are the actual words people write in their reviews about your business. 

Do you know what everyone across the web is about your organization? No? Why not? Enter iReview, the reputation management platform that monitors what your customers are saying about you on dozens of review sites and helps you turn that information into actionable insights and reports, all to be seen from one dashboard. You need to be able to identify positive and negative trends written about your products, services, and employees. Words matter a lot these days, individuals carry a lot of power over what they say about your business and how it’s perceived by online readers (potential customers). You need to know what’s being said so your business can adapt, and resolve issues swiftly. iReview also enables users to compare what’s being said amongst all their business locations vs competitors, this way you can benchmark results against peers.

Once you identify what repetitive keywords and phrases are being said about your business, iReview will categorize them into positive and negative groups. This way you will know exactly how people speak positively about your business to tweak your marketing for maximum accuracy. As for negative keywords and phrases, you’ll be able to combat them head-on by replying to bad reviews quickly. Customers appreciate replies, in fact, over 50% of individuals that leave a review expect a reply. Simply admitting fault and offering the disgruntled customer more value during their next visit or product purchase goes a long way to attracting new customers versus repulsing them.

To conclude, iReview will dramatically accelerate the pace at which your company accumulates 5-star Google reviews, and it will let you know everything that’s being said about your business. Start using a reputation management system today, results will pay for the software quickly, and future foot traffic and sales will be even higher, especially after you achieve a Google star score of +4.5.