Online Reviews, Focus On Google

Online Reviews, Focus On Google

When it come so online reviews, it’s Google and there’s no substitute. Google reigns supreme as the online review elephant in the room and it’s a beast that must be lassoed, tamed, to work for your business! Enter, Irevu, an online reputation management platform that grows your brand and tracks everything being written about your company both on and off Google, anywhere on the web.

Why Are Google Reviews So Important?

Google accounts for at least 70% of all online reviews. The main reason is that individuals use the search engine to find what they are looking for, like a restaurant, and then they leave their review in the same open tab (Google) when the meal is finished. Opening a new tab to type in a different review platform like Facebook or Yelp requires effort only to waste time for the other platform to load.  Most do not have the patience to leave a review on another platform or even write one in the first place… Customers just want to search for their desired product or service and conveniently leave a review on the same platform hence, Google is the king racking up all the online reviews…and it’s becoming even more centralized! That’s right, Google’s market share of online reviews is growing, up 4% year over year from 2020 to 2021, Irevu expects continued market share growth throughout 2022 and beyond.

What Can Irevu Do For Me?

So, now that we know Google is going to continue being the prime choice amongst consumers to leave a review for years to come, what are you going to do about it? Get Irevu, the software that is guaranteed to be a better service than whoever you’re currently using to manage online reviews.  Irevu makes it fast and efficient for customers to leave you an auto-populated 5-star review on both a tablet register or after checking out on an e-commerce website. Accruing a massive number of reviews isn’t just the only thing that Irevu excels at to raise your star rating and dilute any existing negative reviews. Irevu software also pulls keywords and phrases about your business that are being published everywhere on the web (not just Google). These keywords help immensely when it comes to knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Imagine knowing all the good and bad patterns being said about your business? You would be able to react and resolve any underperforming product or serviced expectations quickly.

Do not allow your competitors to squeeze your existence off the internet with their great reviews. Instead, get in there, equipped with powerful software, and grow a mass number of 5 star reviews on Google. Grow your brand with Irevu.