Hinder Negative Reviews and Go from Low-Value Customers to High Value with iReview

Hinder Negative Reviews and Go from Low-Value Customers to High Value with iReview

iReview works, the fun and resourceful online reputation platform that delivers results business owners expect, which is a high overall star rating across the web. What's iReview’s secret? Honestly, it’s super simple, 66% of customers will leave a review if you simply ask. That’s it, so you can stop reading this article right now and go off to ask purchasers, especially repeat customers, for a much-appreciated review. Enjoy the star boost.

Hinder Negative Reviews and Go from Low-Value Customers to High Value with iReview

However, if you want super stellar results (pun intended), and you’re tired of negative reviews tarnishing your brand, then you need iReview, the ultimate reputation management solution for online reviews.

With patent-pending technology, iReview hinders negative reviews from being posted. That means businesses can rest easy knowing their online reputation is in good hands. And that's not all - iReview takes a weighted average star ranking from platforms across the web, emphasizing Google reviews, to display an overall star score. Since a high iReview star score is more challenging to achieve than on a single platform, it’s appreciated, and recognized in the same grandness as the Better Business Bureau, giving your business additional high-quality accreditation.

Patent Pending Technology

Hindering negative is critical because 94% of customers will avoid a business if they read negative reviews about it.

Owners and managers alike put a lot of hard work and stress into their business. So it is quite frustrating when complainers write down a business brand with hurtful comments or what feels like outright lies. That's why iReview created patent pending technology which prompts disgruntled customers with a final inconvenient step before posting a negative review. iReview will offer unhappy customers the option to call you first and vent their frustration to feel successfully heard, or proceed in leaving their rotten 1-star star review.... This extra online step represents a make-it or break-it moment for the customers. Do they really intend to post a terrible review in what feels like an intentional action to harm your online reputation, or will they call your business and scream out their frustrations until their harmful words have waned against your empathetic and professional customer service?

Fortunately, 95% of customers will choose the option of calling a business to vent their frustration. Business owners are very grateful for this statistic.  iReview has garnered a huge amount of gratitude by operators for inventing the technology of at least prompting unhappy customers to call a business first versus just posting a terrible review.

Note, that when a dissatisfied customer calls you should be receptive, empathetic, and professional in response, and ask questions to make the unhappy customer feel understood. Support staff listening skills and their ability to understand is what will make the difference between that 1-star review getting posted or not. Again, most of the time, customer distress wanes after communication with your business, subsequently the 1-star review never gets stamped online, the only platform that enables this process is iReview, so choose wisely when shopping for an online reputation service.

Some owners and managers try and cover up negative reviews with a few fake positive ones.

Instead of asking real customers for real reviews, they ask friends and family to quickly write up fake reviews. Stop beating around the bush. You need a plethora of real testimonials!

iReview will help your business accumulate way more real reviews than friends and family could ever concoct. Did you know that iReview recently helped a Denny’s in Orlando, Florida go from 3.9 stars on Google to 4.4 stars backed by 5,000 reviews? (went from approximately 2,000 to 7,000 Google reviews) Getting your reputation up online ties back to the fact that 66% of consumers will leave a review if asked to do so…. Think the last time you enjoyed a tasty high-end restaurant, did you leave them a review? Surely you left a nice tip for the wait staff, but did you leave a review? No, you did not….and that’s the problem, that’s the reason why your business doesn’t have a high overall star ranking across multiple platforms.  Customer delight needs to be captured and transposed into your online image. With iReview QR fobs and codes on the receipt requesting reviews at the tablet register, customers are reminded at payment processing to leave a review. You need to ask for the review right when the customer desires the product or service the most, which is the moment they are making a purchase. This moment represents their highest level of interest in your business.  In addition, iReview enables managers to easily send out email or SMS notifications to request customer testimonials. With iReview, no customer ever slips through the cracks without being asked for feedback so you find out what they love about the brand or what negative keywords are being repeated like dirty kitchen, rude service, moody ambiance, overpriced, etc… This way you can make improvements per what negative things are being said about differing locations.

iReview knows that business owners are passionate about their product or service, wishing their customers to be happy, and hopefully grateful.  Owners just wish these satisfied customers would leave a much-appreciated review and the complainers would get off their back. Over the years complaints can rack up making operators feel jaded and resentful toward customers, this is a lose-lose mentality, counterproductive to sales growth. It’s time for a mental shift to convert unhappy customers into happy ones, but how?

Happy vs Unhappy Customers

The reason why your online star ranking has been struggling along is because you haven't taken it seriously, yet… A high Google star rating is very important, it sets the tone for what type of customers are attracted to and how those customers perceive and conduct themselves with your business. If a potential buyer sees a low Google star rating, they may feel entitled to treat staff poorly, they are already confident your product or service is sub-par and are only shopping at your location based on its low price. On the contrary, a high-star location can command a price, attracting buyers that can afford a higher price, most likely because these individuals are higher earners which is most likely because they are competent individuals, competent individuals tend to be rational and responsible and are usually more grateful versus complaining, looking for a refund.

High star rating = more sales, higher margins, and better customers. Remember, 66% of these customers will leave a review if you simply ask. Ask! Stop being lazy, try and rank up, consolidating your position at +4.5-star exalted status. Did you know that a one-star increase in a business's Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue because 91% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision?

Low star rating = fewer sales, lower margins, low-value customers, constantly complaining leaving additional 1-star reviews, reducing the survivability of your business. Remember, 94% of customers will avoid a business if they read negative reviews about it.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for iReview today and take control of your online reputation. iReview's mobile app is fun and easy to use, allowing you to manage all of your locations like trading stocks in a brokerage account. Get to a higher Google rating first, and then complain about your success and decide if you want to keep iReview after that. You won't regret it!