Be On Page 1

Be On Page 1

When it comes to Google search results, the average click-through rate exponentially favors page 1. Is your business on page 1? If yes, how far down the page are you? If not, there’s a way you can be.

There are over 8 billion Google searches a day, and 75% of all clicks are on the first three results that pop up on page 1. Most individuals do not scroll down to bother looking past the 7th listing shown. Now put this in the context of retail or small business. With Google’s review system, most businesses are currently below a 4.5-star rating. We also know that most small businesses fail, so logic dictates that if your organization hasn’t achieved a +4.5-star standing on Google, not only is it underperforming, but there’s a high likelihood it’s going to become just another statistic of another small business that failed.

There is good news however, most small businesses, be it restaurants, strip mall shops, coin laundries, car washes, law firms, doctors offices, etc do not take their online reputation seriously. This opens the window of opportunity for any organization that wants to gain an advantage over their peers immediately. If you're the owner or manager of a small business, you may be wondering “but how is it possible to overtake my peers so fast in a short time frame?” Enter Ireview, the reputation management platform that helps you generate more reviews, rank higher on search, and get more visibility in more places more often. With Ireview, your organization will be given easy-to-scan QR code fobs to be placed on counters or adjacent to your register, in addition, you’ll be able to copy and paste the QR code onto the printed receipt. Offering your customers the ease to just scan a QR code that prompts them to leave a Google review page is the key to successfully building a plethora of high ratings on your Google business listing. We can safely assume, customers are going to be happy to leave a 5-star review right when they are purchasing your product or service (otherwise they wouldn’t be buying it), therefore any unwanted low star ratings from the past will be subdued into meaninglessness. 

While your business begins accumulating 5-star ratings, so too will your Google page rank improve which is going to dramatically increase your potential customers and sales. How so? According to, 77 Online Reputation Statistics For 2022, “moving up a single position in Google results can increase relative click-through-rate by 30.8%”. A +30% increase in CTR is huge, imagine if you’re an online store, and all of a sudden your website is experiencing a third more volume. Sales are bound to increase.

To conclude, so many businesses are not even trying to take their online reputation seriously. There are millions of Google business listings that are below 4.5% and that’s because many haven’t even captured the 5-star satisfaction of their most beloved customers. Our view is you should at least try to have all your repeat customers, who most likely make up 80% of your revenues, leave you a 5-star review, this will instantly boost both your Google star rating and ranking. Then comes the good part, accruing high ratings from all new customers. Then the effect snowballs into a +4.5-star Google rating and a high search rank, hopefully on page 1 near the top for your business category in your area. Try using a reputation management platform today and see for yourself the incredible results that can be achieved in a short time frame, no one else is doing this, be avant-garde.

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